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RE: [IP] Ketones in pregnancy

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> From: A. Bender, M. D. <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Date: 12/11/00 7:25:06 PM
> Subject: [IP] Ketones in pregnancy

I was spilling keytones and my BS were totally normal.. I had morning
sickness so bad that I literally had to force myself to eat 2 eggs/1
toast/1 glass milk daily for MONTHS... gained my first pound at my 7th
month!  No joke.. I felt very very bloated and full so I thought I had the
gastroparesis...well, every preg I felt like that, but it always went away.
Drinking water is totally super important to keeping keytones at bay..
especially during preg.. and, if diabetes is in the family, daughter should
be checked for hyperglycemia at each visit.. no thinking twice about it!! 

By the way, I had no complications, my son was born at 41 wks (amazing I
hear for a diabetic) excellent health and 7.2lbs.  My TOTAL weight gain was
16 lbs.  Make sure she takes the prenatal vitamins, including the folic
acid and if she can't eat like me, take calcium tabs.. I took 4 a day b/c I
was eating next to nil

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