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No Subject

Hey everyone,
 > I have one little question that is weighing on my
 > mind as I decide whether or not to joint he world of
 > pumpers. Many of you have told me about your fear of
 > DKA because apparently you can become detatched from
 > the pump and not realize it, and because there is no
 > long acting insulin DKA can occur rapidly. Is coming
 > detatched a common thing? Pardon my neivity, but how
 > can you not notice it? Doesn't it feel diferent?
 > Sorry if this is a really lame question but I am
 > just trying to find all of this information out before
 > I start on the pump.
 > Thanks, Sarah in Manitoba(21 years old:IDDM for 8 yrs)
It's not a lame question. Very few questionsare lame here
I guess DKA is as subtile as being hit over the head with a railroad tie.
you generally can't miss it unless you never had it, then you might think 
it was a bad flu like illness or food poisoning. What people say is to 
change your site in the morning when you get up so that if the site isn't 
working properly you'll be awake for some time and won't sleep thru the 
early stages of DKA. not only can you get detached from the pump but a site 
can pull out or just become bad or never absorb insulin properly. In my 
experience once you experience DKA theres no way you won't recognize that 
blech feeling again. SPOT AND CHRISTINE. A pump gives you a sense of 
security that is sometimes not warranted. That is what folks here are 
telling you.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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