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[IP] This Drug [Not specified]

If anyone is still on this drug and knows how to get it - canada/europe
etc., PLEASE send me email at email @ redacted
I have a friend whose mom is at her last straw and is considering getting
the equivalent of a pacemaker for the stomach. I remember hearing that
someone on this list still is on it, any info would be appreciated.

Susan, I'm still on Propulsid if that is what you are referring to.  Your 
friend's mom can get it from any doctor willing to write "for compassionate 
use"on the prescription blank that is how I get mine. If that isn't 
possible, then have her try erythromycin which can do the same thing. 
Warning you should never take both at the same time as they can cause an 
arrhythmia, possibly fatal. Most doctors are afraid to prescribe it because 
of the risk of being sued. Some preliminary work up is needed by Janssen, 
the mfr. Her mom might be better served by seeing a gastroenterologist for 
the prescription. have her bring all her lab work and any scans she might 
have had. Spot and Christine
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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