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Re: [IP] Ketones...(poll)


  There may be times when your son has KT's but his BGs are good.  When that 
happens our endo tells me that is when you need to give regular pop or juice 
(not sugar free) and then get rid of the KTs with additional boluses.  It is 
apparently a rare occurance to have the one without the other (high BG) but 
it happens.  Or even if there is illness, like the cold, the numbers may stay 
within a good range but still have KTs.  The body needs extra insulin to get 
rid of the KTS so keep the BGs good with sugared drinks but get the insulin 
on board.

Good luck and if you want to talk write me personally at email @ redacted  My 
son, Joshua, turns 9 in two days and was dxd at 5.5.  On the Dis pump using 
MM's sof-sets with serter.  I'm the leader of our local support group for 
families with d. kids.  We have an ecircle site on the internet for families 
to ask/answer questions, vent, post announcements, get links, whatever.  If 
interested, write to me and I'll send you an invitation.

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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