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RE: [IP] Re: Insurance Denied me the pump...

My only comment re: denial of pump and/or supplies.

My first one I got, my A1c was 'ONLY' 7.9%. . 

Second one, the Dr. wrote not only was I pregnant at the time but would
they want to pay out tens of thousands of dollars more should complications
arise?  THAT wouald cost them much more money than a mere $5k for an
insulin pump, which could very well alloy problems as well as overwhelming
costs in the future.. Bingo

I have had mostly only HMO's too, never been turned down and the pump co's
supply physician's with a sample letter to assist them in how to word the
insurance letter.

IF you are REALLY committed and dedicated to the work (testing often, at
least 6 times/day) and keeping tract, you should be seeing a Dr. JUST AS
DEDICATED to preserving your health and committed to your welfare and
allowing and assisting you in receiving an insulin pump.. if not, FIND
someone who is.

I use to see a GREAT GUY in Mission Viejo, CA (South Orange County, CA) .
Dr. Michael Truong, helped throughout my pregnancies too. On Medical Center
Drive. . I don't live there any longer, but he was fantastic, open minded,
worked and spoke WITH you, not TO you.. I had a lot of say in what occurred
and that is very, very important to me.  He spent time with me and
explained things so I could understand them.

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