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[IP] Ketones...(poll)

Hi Friends:  Just wondering how you all deal with the presense of
ketones?  My son (4.5) does not have any unless he is getting sick or IS
sick (now he has a bad cold!).  This is the first time on the pump where
we ended up with ketones.  Small, but more than I feel comfortable with!
His blood was fine though, not high in fact right in line and often
heading to the low side of target.

SO I guess I will play rookie here and ask for some reasons why he would
have ketones and what I would do for them in the future.

If his blood had been high I would easily see that I would just correct
him, but when his blood is fine what then?  I made him drink 2 big
glasses of water and one of koolaid (sugarfree of course) and then
checked and finally after at least 6 hours with small ketones and more
drinks, they were gone. Still gone a few hours since...

So, maybe tell me what YOU do for ketones...do you ever panic?  Do you
head right for emegency? etc. etc.  Just a refresher course for me in


ps.  I once had a lady tell me that even with small ketones she rushes
her child to emergency room...hmmm.
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