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[IP] Re: Insurance Denied me the pump...

> Got a letter from my insurance company denying me my pump.  Any
suggestions for what to say in
an appeal would be helpful.  I plan to appeal.

Thank You <

In addition to the other comments on this thread, I have been told by my
doctors and nurses that all/most/many/some of the insurance companies
immediately deny anything that has any cost to it at all and try to make
it as difficult as possible for acceptance of anything.  In this way
even if only a few give up, transfer to another insurance company,
change their mind or die, they will save a tremendous amount of money.
That is even though they know they will eventually grant it.

My suggestion is to get the procedures and things to be brought up in
the letter from other successful doc's, the ada, the manufacturers, etc.
and to appeal to the correct person.  I believe that most(?) insurance
companies appeal process brings it to doctors that are more likely to
grant such legitimate requests.  What company are you dealing with, and
where?  Perhaps some of our list members have had success with that
specific company.

Success goes to the persistent (I probably have a quote on that
Jack Granowski
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