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[IP] Re: Disetronic D-Tron pump

I just got my pump, and I had the choice of taking the H-Tron or the 
D-Tron. Here's why I went for the H-Tron:

1) I wanted two pumps. (With the D-Tron, you only get one.)

2) I'm leery of buying any device that's brand new on the market. 
This is probably a result of having worked in the tech industry: I 
know a fair amount about how product development works, and 
how hard it is to find design flaws, even with rigorous testing. 
Reliability is probably less of an issue with pumps than with other 
kinds of microelectronic devices, since pumps have to go through an
FDA approval process -- but still, new technology, by definition, 
has less of a track record than something that's been out there for 
a while. If there are any major problems with a new device, they'll 
probably surface within the first several months of real use "in the 
field." That's why I persuaded my husband to wait a year or two before 
buying a hybrid car.

3) With the "power of choice" program, I can switch to the D-Tron 
later if I decide that's what I want to do.

I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from getting the D-Tron if that's
what they really want; just pointing out that there are good reasons
for choosing the H-Tron, even if it's no longer "top of the line."

/Janet Lafler

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