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Re: [IP] Insurance Denied me the pump...

On 10 Dec 2000, at 22:29, email @ redacted wrote:

> William,
>   The first thing I wuld suggest is to get in touch with your local ADA 
> office and see what your state's laws are for diabetes coverage by insurance 
> companies.  There are several states that are or have ratified their laws 
> that say that insurance companies must cover all diabetes supplies.  There is 
> a big push on a bill in the House right now that might make it federal.  But 
> your state MAY be one that has already taken it on the state level.  Check 
> out the people at ADA.

In California's law, I noticed that they included the words "as 
medically necessary".  I'm not a lawyer, but I'll bet that's 
California's loophole.  What it means for us Californians (the way *I* 
interpret it) is that the doctor may have to write a letter stating what 
the medical necessity is.  I don't know if mine had to do that.  
Minimed handled the whole thing for me and told me once it was all 
done and approved.  But my endo had said beforehand that she'd 
write up a letter in a flash if it was needed, so I expect that some 
insurance companies have put her through that before.  I'll bet she 
even has a form letter all ready to go.  :-)
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