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Re: [IP] Insurance Denied me the pump...

I would point out to them that an ERvisit 4x a year for DKA and or
Hypoglyceamia Co$t$, as do the proceedures to treat the complications of
diabetes. CAPD for kidney failure can exceed $20,000.00 a year.  Clinical
Hemodialysis can Co$t $45,000.00 per year.  Laser eye surgery can run about
$1,000.00 a pop, and bilateral amputation of the lower extremities can co$t
roughly 18,000.00 + prosthetics.

You might try the hospitals around your state, get three or four co$t$
andaverage them out for your argument.  A pump with a motivated person is
economically VIABLE for the LONG VIEW.

If you have the letters of medical necessity, and the ins. is still denying,
you might use the argument of them 'practising medicine without a licence'
and ask for the comissioner's phone and address.

Good luck and do get in touch with the ADA and their advocacy programs.

Try or cry...
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???
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> Got a letter from my insurance company denying me my pump.  Any
suggestions for what to say in an appeal would be helpful.  I plan to
> Thank You
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