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[IP] Re: 24/7

Hi Barbara,

No, you are not alone with your phobia of having something stuck in you
24/7. I am now almost a year on the pump, and it is the ONLY hassle I
really have with the pump. But primarily only a hassle in "transition"
times--i.e., getting dressed, etc. As far as sleeping, everyone gets
used to some routine with the pump--I use a "leg thing" and strap the
pump right below my knee, where it stays out of trouble! Others just
toss it into bed beside them. The "tube stuck in" you really sounds
worse than it is--it is a very thin tube, and it doesn't go in very far.

I'm using the Minimed 508 and like it very much.

By the way, on the subject of "gushers," (another post) after almost a
whole year, I haven't had one.


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