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[IP] Re: The decision to have children

I remember about 2 years after I was diagnosed, my dad popped off with "If I 
had know you would have gotten diabetes, I would have never had kids".  I had 
never been so appalled (sp?) in my life.  Now don't get me wrong, my dad is a 
wonderful man, but feeling a little depressed about the whole diabetes thing 
at the time.  I told him exactly what I thought, which is my way anyway.  I 
can't believe that someone would feel that way.  

I have had a wonderful life.  I've been able to fulfill almost all of my 
dreams.  I've been in a band, been married(still) and have 1 wonderful 10 
year old son.  I would never let diabetes stop me from doing anything that I 
wanted to do.  

I decided a long time ago that diabetes would not run my life, I would.  I 
just had to learn how to live with a few "extras" in my life that people 
without diabetes don't have.  And now that I'm on the pump everything is just 
that much easier.

By the way, my husband and I decided not to have anymore children, but not 
because of the diabetes.  There were other issues in our life that it just 
worked out with 1.

Best wishes to all
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