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Re: [IP] Re: Why not pumps

Natalie Sera wrote:

>The only part that bothers me is that it's in the hands of doctors to
>play god and decide who should have one.

>I had good control on MDI, and I DO have the self-discipline to keep my
>schedule and meals very regular.

>BUT who wants to live that way when they don't  have to?????

>Fortunately my doc understood my rationale, but it's a shame when docs
>put you in the double bind of either "your control isn't good enough for
>you to deserve having the pump" or "your control is so good, you don't
>need the pump".

When I started talking about going on the pump about two years ago, my
endo was luke warm about the idea. She said to me "Your control is so
good, for you it would just be a convenience."

Possible snappy comebacks that occurred to me hours later included
"Well, diabetes is a pretty inconvenient disease!" and "If poor control is
what it takes, I can do that. I'll be back with a sky-high A1c in three

On the other hand, I do basically agree with what Jack is saying. This
mailing list is very much a self-selected group of people who are, by and
large, extremely happy with pumping. People who join and speak up on
this list are by definition motivated to learn all we can about how to use
pumps optimally. This is not necessarily true of the general population of
people with diabetes, or even people using pumps. I love my pump; I'm
so happy with it that I'm positively giddy. But I don't think that pumps are
a panacea.

/Janet Lafler

P.S. I don't go to that endo any more -- that wasn't the only time she made
me feel that I was being penalized for being conscientious and working
hard to get good control. Her attitude was "you're doing great -- keep
it up," rather than "I can see you're working really hard at this -- how can
support you to make things easier?" My new endo seems to have a much
better grasp of what it's like to live with this condition -- his daughter
diabetic, and so are several members of his office staff and the CDE he
refers people to.
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