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[IP] Re: gushers??

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> From: "Sarah Arnal" <email @ redacted>
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> Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 11:54 PM
> Subject: [IP] gushers??
> > Okay... what are these gushers everyone is talking
> > about?? I am not on the pump yet, I am still doing my
> > research and trying to gather all the information
> > possible. Are these gushers common? They sound pretty
> > scary... is there an easy way to deal with them or are
> > they a real big deal?
> >
> > Sarah
> >
In 7 months of pumping, I have had one'gusher'.  I cannot belive how calm i
was about it...probably because I had read about it on this list.  It
happened as I was removing the old site and it quickly saturated my
clothing.  I grabbed papeer towels and held them against it and it stopped.
But, I quicklt removed the soaked clothing, got them into water and
detergent as quicklt as possible so thsat they would not be ruined.  Then I
resumed the changing of the site.

That was several months ago.  Now I am prepared and do not stand over the
whiteish mat I have near the counter where I usually change my site, just so
it will not be ruined should there be a 'gusher'.  But, even though I am now
prepared, it has not happened since then!

It is good to know the possibilities because you then realize there is no
need to be hysterical if there is a biggish bleed.  I think if I had NOT
known about it, it would have scared me witless.

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