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Re: [IP] another question


I am an accountant by trade and came up with a weird sort of way to do a 
sliding scale.  Due to hypoglycemic unawareness my doctor wants me to target 
100 as my best blood sugar so if my blood sugar is 170, I subtract 100 and 
get 70 then multiply it by 2% to get a 1.4 unit bolus.  The two percent comes 
out to being a 50 pt drop for every 1 unit of insulin.  If my blood sugar is 
300, then my calculation factor is 200 units over the 100 target blood sugar 
value then I multiply it by 2.5%.  basically increasing the sliding scale 
bolus because of the extremely high blood sugar.  I played with it for a 
while until I got it to work for myself.  My last Hemoglobin A1c was 6.0 so I 
don't think I did to badly.

I got confused when my new doctor was telling me to take 0.2 units for any 10 
points above 100 my blood sugar was.  My brain just could not comprehend 
this.  It took me a while to get him and his CDE how to understand my 
thinking and I now understand that when they try to explain "their" way to 
someone and their eyes glaze over like mine did, they then explain it this 
way and the patient understands.  Guess you can even teach the doctors and 
their staff new tricks!

Please e-mail me privately. I am now getting my IP mail in digest form and am 
missing some of it.  Got incredibly busy with my kids and problems with their 
school and didn't read my mail for almost two weeks.  Guess AOL can't handle 
almost 900 unread e-mails and not send something back to the sender.  Now my 
e-mail is almost cleaned off and I need to write to IP subscriptions and ask 
them to change me back.

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