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[IP] Gastroparesis question

I have a question for those who have experienced gastroparesis.  What are 
your symptoms?  I have been having stomach problems - mainly nausea, stomach 
making gurgling noises, burping, slight burning in upper part of stomach (but 
doesn't feel like heartburn). It doesn't necessarily have any rhyme or 
reason, sometimes after a meal sometimes out of the blue. My doctor thinks it 
may be gastroparesis but I'm not sure.  I had stomach trouble for a couple of 
months last year and was prescribed different stomach meds (tagament, reglan, 
and others) which did nothing but made me feel worse.  My doctor has 
prescribed Zantac 150 mgs. 2 X a day.  I am reluctant to try this since all 
the other meds made me feel even worse and I'm afraid this might too.  At 
least now I can tolerate it but I don't want to make myself feel worse.  Any 
suggestions or advise regarding your experience with this type of problem 
would be appreciated.

Thank You,  Linda
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