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Re: [IP] which pump?


  Which type of car do you prefer: Ford, Chevy Jeep (my preference!!)?  It is 
about the same type of decision.  NONE of the pumps are 'better' than the 
others.  They are ALL great devices that make living with diabetes much, 
well, healthier.  I don't say easier because that is not necessarily true but 
definately healthier.

  Ease of use and waterproof was key for us when deciding on the Dis H-Tron 
last year.  My then 8 yo son was in the middle of swimming lessons.  And this 
model is easy to use without even looking at it.  Beeps when giving bolus and 
what-not so it does not have to be taken out of pouch or whatever.  Great at 
night when I check him and need to do a bolus in the dark.

  But the MM and Animas pumps are said to be really great and meet the 
needs/desires of those using it.  The important thang is that you get on the 
pump.  And like with cars, you can always switch to another brand later on 
down the line and check out what it has to offer!

  Good luck and don't delay any longer.  Get pumping girl.!!

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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