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Re: [IP] After 14 days pumping; am now crashing. Should I need

> Am I correct in concluding that after about a two weeks on pure H
> and the pump; my body may be becoming much more insulin-efficient? 
> thus I need to reset all basals so soon?

This comes under the YMMV heading. It is not uncommon for us to tweak 
basals from time to time here. Lily may need her's adjusted 
periodically as things change in her life. They may be stable for 
months or only a week or two. The latter is uncommon, but it occurs.
Usually we turn one or two specific basals down by 0.1 to see the 
result and repeat if necessary.

Be patient. It may take you several months to get it "just right".

Michael(6 yr pump dad)
email @ redacted
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