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[IP] RE First site change a nightmare

I have also had some problems.  I have only been using the pump for a 
little over two months, but have had a couple sites where it seemed the 
insulin must have been pumping into thin air:)  I did change from the 
long canula to the short canula and now have better success.  But, I 
still do have some sites that I can't seem to get a normal BG.  I have 
also experienced some pain in a lot of sites, and my pump trainer told 
me there should never be any pain if you have a good site, I don't 
necessarily agree with this.  I do, however, agree that if you have a 
lot of pain with a site insurtion, that it is probably a bad site.  I 
had one site that I had a lot of pain with and had a real hard time 
getting my BG down, when I removed the canula, I bled horribly....I'm 
guessing it punctured a vein:)
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