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Re: [IP] Addison's Disease

>I take N twice a day and H 2-3 times per day.  My biggest obstacle to the
>pump, at this point, is my wife.  Im trying to convince her to let me try.

Hi Andrew. welcome to the list! My husband Shane has been on the pump
for just over a year now and it has been great for us. Perhaps talking
with another pumper spouse would help your wife feel more comfortable
about you trying the pump. Please feel free to give her my email. Also,
there is often a spouse/support person chat on Monday evenings where she
might meet some other spouses and have a chance to talk with them.
In our case, I was the one who thought the pump sounded great, and Shane
was reluctant to try it. The CDE and I had to bribe him into trying it.
Now he says it is great and he would never go back to shots. So people's
attitude about pumping can chance dramatically. Don't give up on your
wife just yet :-)
Laura Arns
email @ redacted
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