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Re: [IP] riddle me this

In a message dated 12/8/00 7:59:54 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Making me inject with humalog only and a plain ol' needle would 
send me back into suicidal tendencies mode.

I can't resist saying, relative to worrying about injecting during a disaster:

When I was in elementary school, the Cold War was at it's height, and in my 
school in the Washington, DC suburbs, we had to practice "duck and cover" and 
people built bomb shelters and talked about evacuation plans.  These were the 
days when glass syringes needed to be boiled.  When I thought about it (and 
the topic did come up periodically), I pretty early decided I would just not 
be one of the ones who survived.  But then, when I was about 11, I read an 
article about a man, I believe in the Philippines, who managed to 
sufficiently purify insulin from cows to keep his wife and some other 
diabetics alive during World War II.  For years I had this nagging guilt that 
I should really be learning how to do this -- sometimes parried by the notion 
that it wouldn't do any good, where would I get the cows (and did squirrels 
make insulin?)

Preparedness can be carried to all sorts of heights.

Linda Z 
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