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Re: [IP] Re:AOL 6.0

On 8 Dec 2000, at 9:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> There was a warning a few weeks ago that upgrading to 6.0 could cause
> problems when responding to the pumper's list.  I don't remember
> seeing any announcement that this was resolved.  I've just received my
> upgrade disk and would like to try but don't want to lose the list -
> Any resolution yet. Bob

Michael has installed a DeMime program on all of the lists.  This 
has been stripping out all of the HTML coding and only allowing 
plain text to be posted, no matter which program was used to send 
the mail.

This is NOT an endorsement for AOL 6.0 as there are other issues 
with the program, but not that have affected the list here.  If you 
choose to "upgrade" that is your decision, but it will not affect your 
posts to Insulin Pumpers or your membership on the lists.  You 
decide how it will affect your life otherwise.

George Lovelace < email @ redacted >
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