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Re: [IP] Pixie PG update

Pixie wrote:

> Is it normal to greive for someone that never even developed it's heartbeat
> yet?

Absolutely normal, and to be expected -- after all, you THOUGHT of it as
a baby,  and it WAS your child, even though it may not have had a chance
to develop into a full-term baby. 

You grieve the loss of what might have been -- that's a real loss, too. 

Not only that, but your hormones were preparing you for motherhood, and
that makes it a double whammy.

I'm really sorry that these things happen -- if it's any comfort,
non-diabetic women have miscarriages too -- it's usually because the
embryo has defects that are too serious to sustain life, and not because
of anything you did. 

Hang in there,
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