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Re: [IP] Whether or not to have children/passing along the DM gene?


  I just finished reading what you had to say.  I have never stopped to think 
about what-ifs or shoulds for the future.  I've always assumed that maybe 
someday my som Joshua, dxd 97 at age 5.5, would have a family of his own and 
would probably pass on his unique gene.  But what I think about the most is 
the incredible advances that will occur before then so that diabetes might be 
as simple as, say, the flu or a cold.  Who knows.  We can't even imagine it 
right now but then those dxd about 50+ years could not imagine wearing a 
little computerized unit that delivered insulin which would allow them to 
live far beyond the expected years of their time.

I had chills run down my body and almost thought I'd cry when I finished 
reading you message.  What a gift you have.  And me too...my son, who turns 9 
next wednesday!

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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