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Re: [IP] riddle me this

On 8 Dec 2000, at 10:18, Curtis Lomax wrote:

> left in your pump.  A single syringe will allow you continue insulin
> therapy as long as you have insulin.  There is no need to start mixing
> insulins.  In fact, you would not want to if the world has truely caved in
> as described then food will be an issue so you can't really begin using NPH
> as you will need food in a couple of hours and it will not be there.  You
> would be best using only humalog and doing frequent injections to control
> ketones.

Being the intense needlephobe that I am, I would absolutely 
immediately return to my previous regimen of Lente and Regular 
(not humalog) if for some reason I could not continue with my pump.

As it is, I'd have serious trouble having to take injections without 
the assistance of my Autoject (we're talking major disaster 
situation here, which would mean that I wouldn't have my Autoject 
available either)

Making me inject with humalog only and a plain ol' needle would 
send me back into suicidal tendencies mode.

If I'd begun on the pump, I would not have had my little devices to 
help with syringes and then I'd be up a creek.
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