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Re: [IP] Diabetes in the family

I know it runs in my family my sister was diagnosed in 1975, I was dx in 
1988, my other sister dx in 1993, and my brother was just diagnosed this year 
2000.  All of us have been getting tested for years before we were actually 
diagnosed.  We showed the positive islet cell antibodies.  My sister that was 
diagnosed 5 years after me was actually predicted to get diabetes before me, 
but they were wrong on that one.  Though they did predict that my brother 
would be diagnosed within five years at one of his tests and he was dx two 
and a half years later.  We have been written up in some medical Journals and 
we have been researched at the Joslin Clinic in Boston.  They connected it 
back to coming from my fathers side.  It's amazing what they can figure out.  
Now we are watching out for my niece and nephews.
It's funny no other family members on my fathers side has diabetes.  Though I 
did have a couple of great aunts that were type 2.  And on my mothers side I 
had a great aunt with type 2 and have an Uncle now with type 2.
But I think that people who have family members have more of a chance to be 
diagnosed with diabetes.  At least you can understand where it is coming from 
than the people who get diabetes with no family history.  Sometimes diabetes 
is just unexplainable.  This is just my thought.
Kerri Bailey
dx '88 pumping '99
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