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Re: [IP] First site change a nightmare

In a message dated 12/08/2000 8:39:09 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Did anyone else have trouble  their first time?  I'm feeling stupid and
 insecure.  I hope it's in right this time, but I won't know for another
 2 hours, I guess.  First 2 hour check was ok. >>

I'm so sorry your having such an awful time.  It really does get easier and 
faster, only takes me a few minutes now, but I remember the first time too.  
Spent most of my time staring at the needle getting up the guts to do it.  
When I started the only sets available were bent needles, without a quick 
release feature.  These are still available and lots of people use them with 
good results, but it is kinda scary to think about the needle staying in.  
Quite honestly though, the bent needle never caused me an discomfort. All it 
is is tubing with a needle about the length of an insulin syringe, angled at 
45%.  You insert it by hand and tape it down.  

My CDE still starts new people on bent-needles because they are easy to 
insert and can't be crimped.  Then there is no chance on wondering for 2 hrs 
if you did it right.

Also, I have much better luck at getting Silouettes in successfully, than 
Soft-sets.  You might try a few different kinds to see which is easier for 
you.  Your pump rep should be able to give you samples.  

One more thought.  Take the samples and practice inserting them on an orange, 
or in a stuffed doll, instead of yourself until you feel more comfortable.

Good luck,
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