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[IP] Re: Velosulin Information

Jeanie wrote, giving me background about Velosulin and ending with
 It's not a bad option if it helps with your allergy problems, just takes a 
 little more planning and getting used to.

Many thanks for your help and information, Jeanie.  It's one possibility I'm 
exploring.  I'm determined to keep pumping.  

I did find something in Dr Koop's website about a test I'd not heard of (nor 
was my endo aware of it when last I saw him - I guess allergy problems with 
the pump are fairly rare).  It's called an anti-insulin antibody test. It is 
a radioimmunoassay blood test that "measures your immune system's response to 
insulin and the different types of cells present. . . . If the test shows 
elevated values of IgE antibody against insulin, then your body has developed 
an allergic response to the medication". 

I just e-mailed my endo to see if our lab can run such a test and see if he'd 
advise it at this stage of my exploration.  I'll keep you all posted.  Has 
anyone else out there had such a test or heard of such a test?  Jill T
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