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Re: [IP] First site change a nightmare

> I was dreading changing the site yesterday, and sure enough it was an
> ordeal.

I know just where you are coming from.  My instruction consisted of a 1/2 hr
visit from the MM rep in my hospital room.  They were just getting setup in
my town, I was the 3ed patient to get a pump.

I am glad that you got it worked out.  It gets easier.

BUT let me warn you about this.  I call it a gusher.  Sometimes when you
remove the infusion set you start to bleed.  I mean you REALLY bleed.  It
can be so bad that you soak your underwear with blood and leave a puddle on
the floor.  When this happens don't have a heart attack. It does not happen
often...but it happens.  You can easily stop the bleeding by pressing hard
with an alcohol swab to the site and holding it for a while.

No one told me about this and when it happened the first time it scared the
hell out of me.-James
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