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Re: [IP] First site change a nightmare

Hi & Happy Holidays.  This is a little long but I hope that it give you
perspective and a little chuckle.
After I finished the DCCT I was anxious to get onto a pump.  Well I
finally found a great Endo that was pro pump and we set the date.  My
assimilation was to take place during a teaching session at the UCSF
Diabetes Teaching Center.  So I stopped all insulin the night before,
woke up a little high and headed for campus.  Well it turned out that I
was the only 'pumper' at the class, so picture this if you can.  It's
time for First Site.  Before they can stop me I've got my shirt off and
am prepping the site.  Well it was a little disruptive the to rest of
the class but hey.  So I slap in a sofset (literally).  This was before
sofserters were available. Day goes great and I go home.  My first
change was scheduled with my CDE back at clinic 3 days later.  My Bg's
had been great, so we go to do the site change and I get a gusher. Blood
squirting everywhere. She looks a little worried and I simply ask:  I
assume this is not a normal occurrence?  Through the laughter she let me
know that it wasn't.  Needless to say I thought the Keystone Cops were
directing my first change.

Judy, Pumping has been an adventure.  I was lucky to have a great team
to get me started about 4 years ago.  It sounds like you have a lot of
things going for you.  You've got support, you know the importance of
testing and you don't give up when things get rough.

Sounds like the worst is over for now.  Each event (monthly cycle, flu,
sleeping late, etc.) will bring new challenges, but also sensible and
easy to live with responses.  The list is here for just those occasions.
 Good luck.
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