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Re: [IP] Heredity

In my case, there has been no indication or record of diabetes (type I or 
II) in my family either; however, three years prior to my diagnosis of Type 
I diabetes I had a VSD performed on my heart (open-heart surgery) wherein I 
was required to take a series of steroids before the surgery was 
performed...Over the years there has been a link associated with a steroids 
and diabetes following, especially having a lot of trauma to the body at 
such a young age.

"ASAP" Always Say A Prayer"

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Heredity
>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 23:24:23 GMT
>This is sort of a tangent.
>One of the most common questions for people to ask me
>when they learn that I'm diabetic is "Does it run in your
>family?" As it happens, diabetes *doesn't* run in my
>family -- I'm the only diabetic, of any "type," in at least
>three generations on either side. The closest relative with
>diabetes we could find is one of my grandfather's first
>cousins, diagnosed with type 2 in her 70's. But I think
>it's a rather odd question. Of all the questions people could
>ask me about having diabetes, why that?
>The attitude that really burns me, though, is "you shouldn't
>have children because you might pass on a genetic tendency
>for diabetes," which I've gotten in overt or implied form on
>numerous occaisions -- once from my own father. I know
>that for some people with diabetes, the desire not to pass on
>the disease is part of their decision not to have children, and
>I respect that. Just as long as it's a real choice -- no pressure
>to practice self-eugenics!
>/Janet L.
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