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Re: [IP] Re: challenge to my dr

It appears I need to make a correction.  I am not in anyway indicating my 
Endo (or any other Endo) is in his/her line of personally selected 
service/business for money.  My Doctor is wonderful and does not in any way 
project that.  I was simply speculating since at this time I do not have the 
facts as to reason he does not openly share his diabetes with ALL of his 
patients.  In my prior e-mail comment "after all it is about money" I meant 
we need it to survive.  Additionally, I was not stereotyping.  I apologize 
for any confusion.

"Elegance is Refusal"
Coco Chanel

>From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
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>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Re: challenge to my dr
>Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 15:48:41 -0800
>At 10:29 PM 12/7/00 +0000, you wrote:
>>I was thinking maybe they dont tell us because we (patients) will take it
>>to a much more personal level with them, and then before you know it, all
>>of their appointment slots would be running over their alotted times and
>>then they would make less deniro....and as we all know....for the most
>>part, that's  what its about $$$$$$, sadly.
>>ASAP  "Always Say A Prayer"
>This I must disagree with (atleast in my area)  my current Endo is Diabetic
>and he makes sure everyone knows it.  and my first Endo which I am still
>very good friends with and talk with almost every day is also Diabetic and
>on the pump (actually I was one of her first Pump patients) and also tells
>everyone.  These 2 endos and some others that I know go WAY out of their
>way to help others with diabetes on their own time and at their own
>expense.  This is also True with allot of Nurses and other medical
>professionals.  I know that there are Drs and other professions that do it
>just for money but I think if the Dr or others have something in common
>with their patient and if it goes to a more "person to person"  level
>instead of  Dr to patient level BOTH will get more out of the teaching
>etc..  than just the Dr patient relationship.
>Brian Carter
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