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Re: [IP] riddle me this

>>>>Because if something went wrong with my pump, or I had no access to
supplies (say, there was a major earthquake and my dresser drawer is
under tons of rubble, and the roads are unusable, and FedEx can't get
through, and the airport is just as ruined as everything else), I would
want to be able to take insulin by syringe until things got cleaned up.

How would knowing MDI help you anymore than what you must know from
pumping?  Unless you carry an emergency case with long acting and short
acting insulins on your person, you will likely be stuck with the insulin
left in your pump.  A single syringe will allow you continue insulin
therapy as long as you have insulin.  There is no need to start mixing
insulins.  In fact, you would not want to if the world has truely caved in
as described then food will be an issue so you can't really begin using NPH
as you will need food in a couple of hours and it will not be there.  You
would be best using only humalog and doing frequent injections to control

We all have to know how to do injections as a daily matter of pumping , regardless of the existance of MDI.

To me knowing how to shoot up every 3-5 hours is a pretty simple thing as
long as it is not too long a time.  But learning and struggling with MDI
for years to prove qualified to pump is rediculous.  MDI works but it need
not be a prerequisite to pumping.  One would be no worse off if forced to
start MDI from pumping than a newly diagnosed person is starting off with

So, Yes, pumpers need to understand the action of insulin and be able to
inject.  But they can all do that without wasting valuable time doing MDI.

Curtis Lomax
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