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Re: [IP] Question

In a message dated 12/8/00 12:44:05 PM, email @ redacted:

<< I have noticed that my basal rate requirements are different on weekends 
days off than during the week.  The basal rates which are fine during working 
days provide too much insulin on the weekends, especially in the morning.  If 
I sleep in on the weekend I inevitably wake up with a low blood sugar.  I am 
on a Disetronic pump, and after I get up on the weekend, I program my pump 
for a temporary basal rate reduction (lasts for 3 hours, for those of you on 
a different pump), but this doesn't help me if I want to sleep in.  Has 
anyone else noticed this?  What do you do?  I assume the difference in basal 
rates reflects the fact that working is a lot more stressful than laying in 
bed all day (!).  Thanks. >>

I have the same situation. I use different basals for the weekend. My MM pump 
allows for 2 setups.

Susan M
email @ redacted
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