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[IP] Whether or not to have children/passing along the DM gene?

Having a child with diabetes has forced me to examine all kinds of moral and
ethical issues.  One of them is the idea of survival of the fittest...should
so much time and money be spent on promoting the life of someone with such a
disease...a hundred years ago Gus would have died, probably without the
opportunity to procreate.  What's best for humanity...what's best for
society as a whole?

 After a conversation with a friend, I can't believe I EVER questioned the
philosophical morality of doing anything to help preserve and enhance the
life of someone with a disease or disability.  She asked me if spiritual,
and emotional, and intellectual fittness wern't as, if not more, important
that physical fittness.  Couldn't Gus be a better brother, friend, father,
teacher, and/or leader for having been through HIS life and HIS trials, and
am I not richer for having traveled the path with him and the rest of our

When I shared this epiphany with our oldest (13) son his reply was "Duh!  Of
course Mom!  Who would you rather have as your doctor, the one who shares
what you have...who truly understands, or the one who doesn't really get

I'm a better person, and my life is richer for knowing and loving Gus.  He
is a gift in every respect!  I can't believe my philosophical meanderings
could have led me to ever doubt the powerful meaning of his life.
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