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Re: [IP] just a funny story

Bekka, I wish you lived a lot closer to me....you and would have a 
blast...my sides are ripping apart....I think it would be funny if you 
actually "hooked" your husband up to your pump during one of your nighttime 

Rhonda in Dallas
"Elegance is Refusal"
Coco Chanel

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>Subject: [IP] just a funny story
>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 20:46:05 EST
>Sorry folks, this is not completely D related....
>Lately I've been having nightmares (I've been sick for 3 weeks no one knows
>what's wrong with me) at around 4am(sugars normal) and end up ripping out 
>infusion set in my sleep(I sleep in the buff, tried tegaderm to firmly 
>the button alas tegaderm is no match for my strange infusion set rippings)
>and waking up with the adhesive stuck to 1) my neck, 2) my foot, or 3) my
>bear of a husband...
>Anyways, this am I woke with a 348(usually I wake right after I rip it 
>took an injection and hopped int he shower feeling quite exhausted and 1/2
>I get out of the shower and decide to use my new moisturizer, I slather it
>all over my face(skin gets dry here in icy beantown) and right when I get 
>underneath my eyes the burning starts(I have very sensitive skin)-very very
>uncomfortable...and that is when the minty smell hits...
>Yes, I accidentally moisturized with Aqua fresh whitening toothpaste.
>email @ redacted
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