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Re: [IP] First site change a nightmare

In a message dated 12/8/00 10:39:37 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Did anyone else have trouble  their first time? >>

Of course, lots of us did, Judy.  My first site (done under supervision at 
the trainer's office, watched by 2 CDE's), turned out to be bent, which I 
only found out when I replaced it when my bg had reached 400.  When my bg had 
made it back up to 400 after dinner, I changed it again without seeing an 
obvious set problem -- my CDE thought it was probably more from misjudged 
basals and boluses, but these had been  actually higher than what I settled 
into, so I have my doubts.  From then on was smooth sailing, and has been for 
years now (well, the mechanics of inserting the infusion set, not necessarily 
my bg).  There's hope :-)

Linda Z
dx1955 at age 8
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