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[IP] First site change a nightmare

I was dreading changing the site yesterday, and sure enough it was an
ordeal.  The first attempt took my husband me 1 hour and I went off to
an appt.  While there, I checked BG:  400.  Woops, something  wrong. (I
forgot to take the needle out)  I took an injection and went home and
did it alone this time.  BG looks good 2 hrs later.  Then, when time for
bed:  400 again.  Still not right.  So I got up every 2 hours, checked,
took Humalog injections as needed and woke up high again.  Took site out
and changed 1 more time this morning.  I have gone through a whole
bottle of insulin and several tubing sets.

Did anyone else have trouble  their first time?  I'm feeling stupid and
insecure.  I hope it's in right this time, but I won't know for another
2 hours, I guess.  First 2 hour check was ok.

Type 1 48 yrs and never had such trouble!
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