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[IP] Diabetes in the family

     Hi all just wanted to add my two cents.
     I though I read somewhere for women with diabetes their children had 
     3-4% risk  if born to the women before the age 25 and 1-2% risk to the 
     women after the age of 25. What's so magic about 25, I don't know.
     As for a family history. 
     Mom is type I since age of 2, (still trying to convince her of the 
     benfits of the pump. She keeps telling me can't teach an old dog new 
     My mom's younger sister since age 16 I think.
     Brother on Dad's side was type II. 
     We think my great grandmother might have had it, she died at 28 so no 
     one knows for sure.
     So far I am the only one from this generation to get it. Lucky me. 
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