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[IP] The decision to have children

"The attitude that really burns me, though, is "you shouldn't
have children because you might pass on a genetic tendency
for diabetes," which I've gotten in overt or implied form on
numerous occaisions -- once from my own father. I know
that for some people with diabetes, the desire not to pass on
the disease is part of their decision not to have children, and
I respect that. Just as long as it's a real choice -- no pressure
to practice self-eugenics!"

/Janet L.

I don't think I've ever gotten this attitude from anyone.  I did go through a
stage of not wanting children in my early teens, though. I was going through a
lot of depression and self-pity with poor control over my numbers, and I
thought to myself, "You shouldn't have kids.  How are you going to handle the
guilt if you give this to a baby?  Can you give a shot to a baby?"  But if you
look at all the problems in my family history--extreme nearsightedness,
clinical depression, heart disease, stroke, thyroid problems, alcoholism--is
the chance for having Diabetes really any worse?  Should anyone have kids if
they have any history of any type of medical problems? I mean, if you knew for
sure, if you had it on the best authority that any child you  had would suffer
from horrible pain and illness all of its life, then you probably wouldn't
have children.  But to not have children on the off chance that they might
someday get sick? Don't kids get sick with no history of illness in their
family? I feel like I have a lot of love to give, and that's what kids really
need to be happy. And if my child does inherit the tendency to be Diabetic,
we'll handle it.  I think my child will be luckier than the child whose
parents are hit unaware.
I don't wish I had never been born just because of this disease. I think of
all the things I would have missed if I wasn't here, and I think life is
beautiful sometimes. Not all the time.  But it's worth the moments of pain and
uncertainty to get to that beauty.
And I can't wait until my child is here to see it too.
I will be damned if anyone will tell me that I should not be having this baby!

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Impatiently waiting for little Emma Skye/William Sean to hatch
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