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[IP] I've come a long way in 1 year, Thanks to all my IP friends

Hello all my Pumping Friends,
 First of all, I want to Thank the many people on this
list who have been so generous with their time,
experiences and information to help me get pumping.
Yesterday was 1 year since I went to the 3rd. doctor
in my quest for a pump, and arrived home joyously
hooked up to a pump. I remember how nervous and
excited I was all at the same time. To think that it
was actually possible to get off the rollercoaster
that I had been travelling on for 23 years was almost
 Funny, when I woke up this morning feeling well
rested, I thought of how much I appreciated looking
around and seeing everything as it should be. Endless
times while on MDI, I would awaken during the night or
early morning hours, convulsing from low blood sugars,
or seeing everything distorted like I was in some kind
of nightmare. Thankfully, all that is behind me now. I
have not had a bad low since I started pumping and I
have not had even ONE low bloodsugar at night ( a big
change from 3-4/week on MDI).
 I still have challenges ahead of me as I have not
purchased my own pump yet, I have been using a loaner.
I hope that this will follow through smoothly early in
 I have started a pump support group in my area with a
lot of help and support from friends. The group is
going well and I have even been asked to go and talk
to a group of CDEs from the area about our support
group and my experiences with the pump. YES! Anything
I can do to help others escape the confining,
ill-fitting regimens of MDI, I will endevour to do.
 The best part is the wonderful friends I have made
along the way. Thank-you Michael for this list,
Thank-you Rodney M., George L., Jenny N., Lori K.,
Roselea, Bob B., Jill M., Louise M., Sam S., Joanne
S., Brian C., C.J., and the many others who have been
there for me.
Most Sincerely,
....Carolyn Green...Happily Pumping 1 year!! :o)

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