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Re: [IP] Endos using MDI as prerequisite before pump

My endo told me not to fret my numbers, but just make sure I tested on a 
regular schedule. She said she wanted me to fully understand what I was 
getting into as far as the testing. My previous endo had me testing twice a 
day (morning & evening, thought I was a type 2 diabetic as well so go 
figure). There is a big difference going from two to eight. My hands were so 
sore those 2 weeks before she prescribed it, but I learned a lot and having 
done MDI I sure appreciate my pump a lot. My insurance also ended up 
delaying my getting the pump so I eventually did 5 months on MDI, which was 
probably better than my previous regime anyway.

Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 21:24:59 -0000
From: "Rhonda McClary" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Endos using MDI as prerequisite before pump

My endo had me perform a series of blood glucoses for 24 hours, and in
the interim, on my own I bought the book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh,
(marvelous book) and studied it and began teaching myself about the
carbs, etc.  I had began counting the carbs a few months prior with my
injections...Also, I had been talking to a girl in CA who had just
started the pump and while I was deciding if I wanted to go on the pump,
she took down all of my criteria and helped me a lot as far as my dosage
by injection...

Before the pump, my endo knew my frustration in taking care of my D on
the injections, afterall we were changing EVERYTHING, ALL OF THE TIME,
and nothing ever made my control much better; therefore, in turn, I didnt
test as much as I should have, didnt try and keep on a tight timeline
schedule, (sleeping in til noon every chance I got) didnt watch my carbs
intensely,.....because when I did all of that hard work while on
injections it didnt matter.....there was no reward for all of that hard
work..never wanted to test because my numbers were never normal.....BUT
now, being on the pump and getting the results we both want...its worth
the work and the work seems so simple to me now.  I test at 6:00a.m.,
8:00a.m., 10:a.m., 12noon, 3:00p, 5:00p, 8:00p, 10:00p, and every other
night at 1:00a.m. and 3:00a.m.(alternately)....and you know what....that
is because I want to....not because I have to.
  But then, thats just me.... ; >)


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