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[IP] Late JD Diagnosis - Possible Reasons

> When I was diagnosed 8 years ago, my Dr. and I started going through my
> medical records.  With all the problems I have had over the years (since I
> was 13), the Dr. thinks that I have had diabetes since I was about 13
> 32 now).  When I asked her why it took so long, she said it was because
> diabetes didn't run in my family.  By the way, she isn't my Dr. anymore.
> see a new family physician and endo.

I was diagnosed at 21, during my final year of college.  (Well, THAT
college, at any rate - when you're a teacher, the process never actually
ends!)  Years later a doctor expressed the belief that my onset was likely
years earlier - I grew up as part of a dance studio & was extremely active
dancing & teaching through junior high & high school, which may have helped
to keep sugar levels down & prevent it from being detected earlier.  I was
on the thin side, & ate "more than the average bear", & my mother has always
joked about how grouchy & unreasonable I became if I missed my "four hour
feeding".  The thing is, I was a fairly regular patient in the doctor's
office & at the emergency room (the dancing started to overcome a natural
"lack of grace" <g>), but elevated blood sugar was never once detected, & we
did not have any working knowledge of diabetes symptoms to make that
connection with anything else.  The assumption was pretty much that I was a
very active & athletic kid, so the big appetite made sense, needing food to
fuel all that activity.  It was only toward the end of college when my
activity level decreased, & then I started losing weight...& even then I was
only diagnosed with a BS of 177.  It wasn't until I started teaching & my
physical activities dropped to ground level zero that I shifted toward
skeletal & became ketonic (is that a word?), finally I was put on insulin.
If that doctor's theory holds water, there's no real way of knowing for sure
when my onset actually might have been, since I was getting an extraordinary
amount of rigorous exercise on a daily basis for years that may have helped
keep it in check - or at least, keep it under wraps.  I think that those in
charge of programs promoting any kind of fitness (coaches, activity
instructors, etc.) should be knowledgeable about symptoms of diabetes...I
know that when I was an aerobics instructor through a national program, &
obviously in the local dance studio, no real awareness of such was part of
the training of instructors.  Maybe that's an area that could be targeted
for "Diabetes Awareness" projects...

No longer as "Dancer-Shaped" as she once was <g>,
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