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[IP] Re: Why not Pumps

> Jack,

> I agree that there are people that should not be on the pump.  With
> zest I could say that there are people that should not be diabetic.
> fact is that they are DM and have to deal with it, so whether or not
> are Good DMers they should be afforded the best method.

No, it is senseless and a waste of money to give a pump to someone who
doesn't want it and is not willing to get the most out of it.  I would
have been a terrible candidate for the pump 30 years ago and a terrific
one 10 years ago.

> The insurance Co.s are coming to the conclusion that a healthy pumper
> potentially cheaper than an unhealthy MDIer.

Absolutely.  Before the DCCT in '93 (coincidentally the reason my endo
was able to convince the insurance company that it would save them
money), there were very few pumpers.  My doctors had tried to get
permission before that, and failed.  I don't know what the required
parameters were, but I didn't have them.  Every time that my doc gets
static from insurance, he quotes the improvement in my HbA1c's and gets
approval.  I think that pump use is rising exponetially since '93.  Even
with that, whenever I see anyone in health care, they are fascinated by
my pump.  If doctors and nurses are uninformed about the pump, how many
dm'ers are knowledgeable?  I have still not met anyone on the street
that has even seen a pump, much less had one.

> I think that MDI is harder than pumping.  While you do need to know
how to
> take an injection for either.

> People that can't tolerate a 24/7 commitmrnt can still do MDI, but it
> should be a choice not a gauntlet that must be run before qualifying
> the better treatment.

> Curtis Lomax

When pumps are known by more people, and doctors, there will be an
outcry for its use.  I haven't heard of many prospective pumpers that
have been turned down or that have to run a quantlet.  If a dm'er, and
his/her doctor, wants a pump they can get one, knowing the correct
procedure.  I have to run more of a gauntlet to get minor prescriptions
and referals than I did to get the pump 7 years ago  How fast has this
list been growing in the last few years?  More pumpers will beget more
pumpers and more doctors will be informed and become proponents, until
we become as enlightened as europe.  That is until there is a cure (g).

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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