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[IP] Carb Counting Books

        The best book I've found, I have two others, is:
        The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Guide
We use it a lot and it's good because it gives generic besides
other foods. Try it and let me know.
                                        Mark Zeserson
After pumping for the past 3 months, the frustration I have yet to
is counting carbs when eating out at restaurants.  I find it very
frustrating using the carb book I now have ("Book of Food Counts", 1996)
since it includes every individual food under the sun, but not in a
user-friendly format.  For example, if I eat at a Burger King, what are
carbs in a Whopper Jr?  In my book, I have to locate each component of a
Whopper and add them together.  Typically, the measurements listed in the
book are things I can't relate to in the field like "2 oz. dried angel
pasta".  Can you relate to 2 oz. of "dried" pasta as you look at your
of spaghetti?  I can put-up with this book at home since most of what I
has the carbs listed on the package and I can skip the book.  But in a
restaurant, I'm lost!

Can anyone recommend an up-to-date carb counting book that is
compact in size and lists foods that you would typically find in
and fast food shops, even chain-specific foods, e.g. Olive Garden, Burger
King, Friendly's, DiAngelo's, etc.?

Thanks for your help.

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