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Re: [IP] Wow! What a response!

In a message dated 12/07/2000 7:09:12 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When I take a long
 acting insulin, Im not really simulating that same process.  Right?
Right.  Right now when you use long-acting insulin, you must eat to match the 
insulin.  With pumping you take insulin to match what you eat.  Oh, what a 
difference to live closer to a normal life, without a rigid eating schedule.  
You can sleep in and skip eating, you can have that piece of chocolate cake, 
you can diet or you can pig out, but bottom line is, it's your choice.  You 
can make little corrections during the day if needed.  You can choose to go 
rollerblading at the last minute. Can't be sucking that NPH back out when you 
go low, huh?  Yes, pumping is more natural.

 Yall go easy on my wife, now.  >>

We all love your wife <give her a big hug>, it's just so many of us are so 
much happier pumping than on MDI we just want to convert every last diabetic 
we meet cause we wish someone had done that for us sooner.  And we all know 
how scary it is to make the jump to pumping, I was one of the harder to 
convert because I was scared of being low, but being low and STABLE is great. 
 There's lots to learn and probably not for everyone, but if you want really 
great control and more flexibility, this is the best there is until they get 
that transplant figured out . . .

Best wishes,
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