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Re: [IP] Re: Carb to Insulin Ratio Fluctuations

Jack Granowski wrote:
> I am a little glad that it appears that others experience the same thing
> that I do.  My ratios vary throughout the day (6 grams/unit to 10/unit),
> as do my basals (.2/hr to .9/hr).  I am constantly fasting and adjusting
> to try to get the best results possible and every time that I mention
> that my ratios vary I am told that my basals must be off, even though on
> a fast my bg's run perfect.

No, you're not the only one by a long shot. My basals vary from 0.8
during the sleeping hours to 0.0 from 6 AM to noon, when my BGs drop
like a rock. And 0.5 from noon until 10 PM. 

In addition, I need VERY little insulin for breakfast -- and I eat a
high-carb breakfast, because if I take even a little too much, it's a
guaranteed hypo at 11 AM. So my breakfast ratio is 1unit for 30g of
carbs, whereas my lunch and dinner ratio is 1:15, with a little extra
thrown in if I eat much protein or fat!

And *I'M* relatively stable, having some of my own insulin production! 

I've repeatedly tested basals fasting, and haven't found any other way
to do it -- and recently it's changed, and I had to test again. I DON'T
like it, but there's really no choice if I want to maintain reasonable

Just remember that the Endos and CDEs have a LOT of book knowledge, but
less experience in YOUR daily life -- they can be advisors, and they can
tell you what theory says and what studies say, based on large groups,
but they can't predict exactly how YOU will react, and what YOU will

It's trial and error all the way -- and health professionals who don't
know that or won't admit it are doing their patients a VAST disservice. 

(And Type Weird REALLY has them stumped because it's not in the
textbooks at all!)
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