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[IP] Anyone Else Live in Delaware?

Hi Everybody!

     I'm really interested in finding a insulin pump "buddy" who also lives in
Delaware. I'm not sure whether my trainer has such a program since she is
always talking about confidentiality laws. Eventually, I will be attending
some sort of Insulin Pump support group in my area; however, in the meantime,
I was just wondering if any of my friends here were fellow Delawareans. You
can e-mail me privately if you wish. I will be starting my training on Monday.
I wish that there were more than one of us beginners in this training class so
that I can learn from the other patient's questions, as well as my own, but
this seems not likely (you got it) because of confidentiality laws.

     Boy, whoever thought of those...Anyway, please e-mail me if you're here
in Delaware.


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