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Re: [IP] Heredity

This is sort of a tangent.

One of the most common questions for people to ask me 
when they learn that I'm diabetic is "Does it run in your 
family?" As it happens, diabetes *doesn't* run in my 
family -- I'm the only diabetic, of any "type," in at least 
three generations on either side. The closest relative with 
diabetes we could find is one of my grandfather's first 
cousins, diagnosed with type 2 in her 70's. But I think 
it's a rather odd question. Of all the questions people could 
ask me about having diabetes, why that?

The attitude that really burns me, though, is "you shouldn't 
have children because you might pass on a genetic tendency 
for diabetes," which I've gotten in overt or implied form on 
numerous occaisions -- once from my own father. I know 
that for some people with diabetes, the desire not to pass on 
the disease is part of their decision not to have children, and 
I respect that. Just as long as it's a real choice -- no pressure
to practice self-eugenics!

/Janet L.

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