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Re: [IP] Re: challenge to my dr

At 10:29 PM 12/7/00 +0000, you wrote:
>I was thinking maybe they dont tell us because we (patients) will take it 
>to a much more personal level with them, and then before you know it, all 
>of their appointment slots would be running over their alotted times and 
>then they would make less deniro....and as we all know....for the most 
>part, that's  what its about $$$$$$, sadly.
>ASAP  "Always Say A Prayer"

This I must disagree with (atleast in my area)  my current Endo is Diabetic 
and he makes sure everyone knows it.  and my first Endo which I am still 
very good friends with and talk with almost every day is also Diabetic and 
on the pump (actually I was one of her first Pump patients) and also tells 
everyone.  These 2 endos and some others that I know go WAY out of their 
way to help others with diabetes on their own time and at their own 
expense.  This is also True with allot of Nurses and other medical 
professionals.  I know that there are Drs and other professions that do it 
just for money but I think if the Dr or others have something in common 
with their patient and if it goes to a more "person to person"  level 
instead of  Dr to patient level BOTH will get more out of the teaching 
etc..  than just the Dr patient relationship.

Brian Carter
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